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03/15/2021 — Land journal entry #1

Six months of learning and observation.

It’s been about 6 months since we purchased our parcel of land in the Mojave desert. In that time we visited once every other month until last week. After getting my drivers license I did some research on weekly rentals, and rented a discounted pickup truck.

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On our previous trips to the land our vehicle had been challenged by sand dunes, memories of eroded roads, and surprise dirt bike visitors. The drive from our apartments to the our land is roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes. Luckily it’s almost all highway until the last mile of dirt road. With a vehicle that could handle the terrain I felt our first adventure could begin.

Over the week we picked up alot of great wood, farming supplies, and rain collecting gear. I was able to scour through craigslist and find a 275 IBC gallon tote (without a lid) for free along with about 50lbs of clay aquaponic balls, 8 cinderblocks, 3 bricks, and a wooden pallet.

Days later we also picked up two 55 gallon rain barrels. We have the beginning of a very promising rain collection system!

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