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​04/15/2021 — Land Journal #2

Before the price of lumber exploded, I built a platform for an outhouse and storage.

I built two 8'x4' foundations to be the base of our outhouse/shed. This was my first time using a circular saw and power drill since I was 18 and built stage sets and shop class.

After finishing the foundation, I feel more confident that any future builds will be 100% faster to complete.

Somewhere in the project we needed to get into town, and I accidently left the gopro running. Enjoy “Six Minutes of Me Not Working”

Future plan ideas: Two birds!

The roof of our shed/outhouse is essential for rain water collection. I am confident I can design and build my own rain catchment system. I am looking forward to researching and dreaming up its final form! The more square footage we can utilize to collect water when it rains the better.

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